Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...Geeky Girls...

Today I went to the first Limerick GeekGirl Dinner taking place in La Cucina. Well... actually, due to other events happening at the same time, Marion, Sophia and myself arrived for the after-dinner-coffee. Still, it was very nice. I find this kind of meetings inspiring.

The fact that it was 'girls dinner' was also nice. OK, I know that 'boys' can also be invited, and I'm far from bringing up gender issues here but I do believe there is a different dynamic of such women's groups. (I think I'm still influenced by Clarissa Pinkola Estes's book ) There is also something nice in the name of the event - Geek Girls Dinner. It is not 'techno women' or 'geeky ladies' - it is 'Girls'! As if we are not really serious people with jobs, companies, diplomas etc. It implies fun! It declares that we can sit there together, laugh, joke and feel that we belong... Oh yes we do! We are 'Girls'! :-)

Looking forward to the next meeting!