Monday, February 15, 2010

...FYP idea I and II...

Initially I was thinking of developing a device facilitating some therapies e.g. helping in children development. I even contacted one specialist in pedagogy, who I could possibly consult in terms of the specialistic knowledge. Unfortunately, due to the distance in space and busy schedule of my friend, I had to give up that idea.

I started looking at my other interests and ways of combining them with sound. One was – humanities esp. issues of ethics. I had always been interested in the contept of truth, lies and reasons for the latter. I imagined a situation when a person is exposed to a number of questions, some of them touching very private issues, and has to give the answers ‚yes‘ or ‚no‘. No one is witnessing the answers, but at the same time, through a polygraph like device impulsed are being sent to the computer. Those could be then transformed, according to a certain key, into musical expression.

I was hoping to create some musical composition of the collection of data from various people – ‚symphony of liars‘.

I really like this idea, although I think it touches too delicate issues and might meet a lot of negative reactions. I gave up working on this as the final project, I might think about it in future, though.

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