Thursday, April 15, 2010

...diving in sound...

This week was also a time of demonstrating Final Year Projects by Undergraduate Students of Digital Media Design and Music, Media and Performance Technology. Due to our own duties, I couldn't see many projects. However, together with Sophia, we took an evening walk to PESS building at UL for a unique experience of Maeve Garvan's interactive Audio Aquatic Installation.

I think they started earlier then it was planned but we managed to come before the end. I have to say, it was a very nice piece of art. Both visual and audio experience were satisfying my personal aesthetic. It was only after the Performance, when I managed to get to the poster and read the concept behind. Therefore, while watching/listening I could concentrate purely on emotions evoked in me, not the technicalities. However, after having read description, I could also appreciate attempt to engage audience and incorporate them into creation of the piece by the use of infrared sensors. One pity - the access to the visual part of the piece was quite limited, due to the construction of diving tank in PESS building and only few windows :-(

It was one of those experiences that make time slow down. It calmed me down and left me with positive, reflective mood for the rest of the night. Thank you Maeve and congratulations!
Thanks Sophia, for taking me there!


  1. AHHHH.. a student of Mikael-sensei's I see (obscure japanese Street Fighter anime reference to student-teacher link)

    I missed it as I was in the karate hall down the crridor. I thought I hear some installation noises from speakers alright )

    There will be more exhibits around May 25th. Product Designers present their FYPs :) I can't wait.

  2. Hi Cyan!

    My friend Ruairi pointed this post out to me. You've said some really nice things about my piece and it's much appreciated, thank you. The access was limited but I really was not expecting that many people to turn up, maybe next time I should have live feed from underwater on a screen! What do you think?
    Thank you again for posting about it though and I'm glad you liked it. Also Sophie was very supportive and enthusiastic about my project and I must thank her again.
    All the best,
    - Maeve:o)

  3. Hi MsPogge!

    I think the idea with life feed from underwater is brilliant! Anyway, big congrats on what you did. It was very impressive!

    What else I liked about your installation/performance, that unlike all those geeky-tech-savvy-oriented project that we often see and appreciate because of the technology behind rather than aesthetics, you managed to create something beautiful in 'an analog' sense, yet using digital technology :-)

    Hats off to you!