Friday, April 23, 2010

...presentation on my project - part I ...

Today most of people from my class had presentations about their final projects: ideas behind, inspirations, users, plans, difficulties, literature... basically - everything! I was the first one to go at 9 a.m. :-) I'll describe here more details of my presentation:

Yes, I am going to work on a piece of equipment that was created more than ten years ago. I think it is good to have some reference point while working on my dissertation (taking into account the time constraints). Also, I felt it is a pity that a piece of equipment that could be in use is standing somewhere in the dusty corner of the workshop.
Here is the plan of my presentation:

I surprised a small all-morning-birds-audience with a short exercise borrowed from a choreographer Gideon Obarzanek - shaking parts of your body! two minutes of shaking and we all seemed to be more awake :-)

I moved to explaining what LiteFoot actually is:

LiteFoot is an interactive floor developed at University of Limerick as a result of collaboration between Interaction Design Centre, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (Mikael Fernstrom, Niall Griffith and Liam Bannon) and Irish World Music Centre. It was designed as a tool supporting dance research and training, as well as facilitating choreographic experimentation. It was designed according to requirements expressed by dance researchers and practitioners, in particular, with the user input from traditional Irish dancer Catherine Foley.

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